Beautifully, fearfully made (tiffj) wrote in stlunatics,
Beautifully, fearfully made

Since no one will post, let me start

Why did I do that?

I asked him if he would like to go to the Maxwell concert with me. Why? I have a feeling he's going to say no thank you. It's not that I'm always trying to get him to go out with me, but I do have these two tickets and I know he wanted to go. He was in the same boat I was in, the concert had been sold out for weeks. Anyway, I would much rather go by myself. None of my friends are into Maxwell like I am and if I ask them to go they would, but only because they would get to go to a free concert. I heard Alicia Keys won't even be there. Plus, I would have to wait hours and hours for either of them to get ready and then one wouldn't have a babysitter and the other wouldn't have any money and basically it would just be a mess. I have NO PROBLEM going on my own. But then this ticket would go to waste and I'd have this empty seat next to me. I don't know. Is it sad to go alone? Especially when other coworkers will be there, sitting the same section? Would I look pitiful? I already brought my girlfriend to Salute. Am I just a lonely broad?

These days I'd rather do everything solo. I just want to hang with me. So maybe I will just go alone. I would offer him the other ticket anyway, but that would be awkward because we'd be sitting next to eachother. So anyway, we'll see what happens.

After the concert, there's an after set at the Spotlight, a club I've grown to really despise. The last time I really was amped to go, Nelly was suppose to be there and they were letting people in free until 11 p.m. It was suppose to start at 9 p.m. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE THERE IT DIDN'T MAKE NO SENSE!! Should've known, this is St. Louis right? And I have met him before, but this party was gonna be hype or so I thought. When I got there, the line wasn't even moving. It was cold and I had this half-naked shirt on. People had been there since 6! People were smoking and drinking in the parking lot, sititng on top of their cars. Police was there. Supposedly someone either had a gun or mase (I heard the police was threatening to mase people if they didn't step back) and all of a sudden I saw this mobb of people running toward me. Us in the back didn't know what was going on, but you know how us black folks are, when you see people run, you run. So everyone was running and falling, tripping over folks. I got pushed up against the rough wall of the building, scraping myself. I was so scared 'cause for all I knew, someone did have a gun. So this happened twice and we were like, forget it let's go. Nelly lost a fan for a little while. (But it's all good now baby).

Anyway, so I haven't really been back there since. But I would go this time because they put me on the guest list. But then I guess I couldn't get my friends in? I'm going to find out today. But I know that his friend wanted to go to the after set to. So that's a reason why he might not go to the concert with me. I'm thinking, we don't have to hang at the after set because I know my friends would want to go to. I just thought he'd like to see the actual concert as well. Oh well, it's on him. All I know is I'm going to see my man and have a ball. I don't care what else occurs, Tiffany is going to be in attendance, no doubt. Hopefully I'll be the one he pulls on stage this time and not some ugly heffa with a messed up attitude like the last time.
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